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How I saved on car insurance – Programmers are born cheap!

Last month, I thought of changing my car insurance and thus started my hunt for the cheapest car insurance policy around. I found a really great website to compare quotes of all the prominent insurance companies right from the comfort of my home. I simply fed my area zip code and with a few more details, I got a prompt response showing comparison between different insurance options along with premium payable.

My search did not end there. In addition to finding the most competitive quote for all the coverage such as third party, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage that I wanted, I also wanted to cut out on some of the ‘not-so-desirable’ or unimportant components and save some money on my car insurance. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to reduce the premium payable for components such as statutory requirements like third party coverage, my age, the state in which I live, the make and model of my car, the estimated market value of my car and my driving history. This being so, I still wanted to save something on the premium payment.

I share here what all I did to save on my car insurance premium:

  • Insurer’s discount – I bargained with the insurer and finally obtained an insurer’s discount from them.
  • Insured with my household insurance company – They gave me a ‘loyalty discount’ on my car insurance premium.
  • Multiple discounts – I got small discounts for air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-theft device and anti-lock brakes fitted in my car. I also got small discounts on account of second car in the family and defensive driver training course which I had attended. I ended up getting a discount for buying no deposit car insurance:
  • Uninsured motorist cover discontinuation – I opted out of uninsured motorist cover as I am not required by the state to compulsorily have it. I have been given to understand that my collision insurance and medical insurance already provide me the requisite cover as repair and medical bills are duly covered therein.
  • Dropping reimbursement for a rented car – I opted out of this too since we already have two cars in the family and the other one can be used while this one is under repair.
  • Dropped emergency towing service – I have never had the need to avail this service in the past. Should a need be, I can always go for a paid service.


Having saved small amounts here and there and after paying a relatively less for my car insurance,  I am a happy man now!

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Are you a programmer in Clare?

Welcome to

My name is – Sharva, I also go by Proga. I’m a programmer in clare community Michigan. I’ve been programming for 12+ years, mostly in Java, C++ and a little bit of python lately.

I’m looking to connect with other programmers in the community. Any language is fine, yes even php 😛

I;ll be using this website as my personal blog, + online resume. If you’re interested in hiring a local programmer let me know. I generally free lancer 5-10 hours a week, but I can make more time depending on the project.

Heads up though, I don’t really do a lot of web dev. As you can see from my website.