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Cheap car insurance no deposit – Lucky I bought this

This Car Is On Fire! – Why cheap car insurance with no deposit rocks

No, really. That sounds like some stupid song title, but it seriously happened. My car set itself on fire. I got into a scrape a couple of weeks ago which I thought was nothing, just a minor bump. I don’t know enough about engines to know what happened, but something must have gotten knocked loose and well, it set itself on fire.

I’ve never been so freaked out in my life. One minute everything’s great, I’m driving home from work and looking forward to a long weekend doing nothing, next thing, the car is literally on fire.

Okay, that might sound a bit worse than it was – it started smoking, I pulled over, and then the fire happened. So I’m fine, but the car, not so much.

Thank God I double-checked my insurance policy recently though – I remember with my first car, an old rusted thing, I just had third-party on it, but this one is comprehensive. I had a moment of panic when I remembered that I’d gone for very cheap car insurance, no deposit, but it did actually cover everything anyway.

That said, I was really not organised this time. I couldn’t find a company of the insurance policy anywhere, so I had to trawl back through my emails and print it off. That’s now in a safe place so if something bad happens again (fingers crossed it won’t), I know where it is and I can refer to it easily. Nothing quite as worrying as trying to remember what exactly your car insurance covers and being unable to find documentation!

The money I’d usually put on the deposit for insurance was sitting in my savings account, so I used that to pay the deductible. Not an advantage of the no deposit thing I’d actually thought of before, but definitely top of my list now. Also, I have learned my lesson: even if I think the bump is minor, I should get a mechanic to check it out anyway. My insurance should cover that anyway, and then I won’t end up with an even bigger expense (and scare!) a week later. Honestly, I think I’m going to be having nightmares of my car setting itself on fire for sometime. Not something I want to repeat any time soon.

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You can thank me later 🙂