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Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance? Question of the day

So who has the cheapest car insurance?

There is an ongoing debate about who has the cheapest car insurance and why do people pay more than they must for coverage. This question has come up twice this week in my social circles and no one seems to have a concrete answer. I honestly think it’s almost impossible to compare because individual situations are different and those are the factors that affect how much individuals pay for coverage.

I recently switched auto insurance companies because I found out my rates were going to increase again. The increase was not because of any accidents, tickets or anything that I had done personally and this didn’t seem right to me. I made a conscious decision to take control of my finances and not allow another provider to charge me more than necessary to provide me with coverage I rely on daily. I recently made a similar decision regarding my mobile service provider and am proud to say that I can see the money I’m saving and it makes a difference.

It happens often to people I know and I have been guilty of it in the past. We become too lazy to do the research and simply accept these high insurance rates and pay them month after month. I refused to continue down this road and as a result, I’m saving more than $200 monthly on my car insurance payment. I did not lose any quality of coverage and I wasn’t required to put down an obscene amount to acquire the cheaper rate. That’s just the thing, all I did was make one phone call, explain what type of coverage I had and what I wanted to accomplish. After 15 minutes of listening to my options, I received a quote that took me by surprise. In fact, I received cheaper quotes than my existing coverage from three other companies.

I finally realized that I was only with my insurance company because I was accustomed to them. My parents had them and since I was added on to their policy as a teenager, I just assumed it made sense to stay with them. This cost me a great deal of money over the years. Although I can’t get that money back, I can make sure that I don’t throw away another dime on expensive car insurance. It did make me feel good to know that my long-time car insurance provider didn’t want to lose me as a client. I received a call from my agent the other day and he offered to cut my current rate by 15% if I took on a higher deductible. I laughed all the way to my new insurance company’s office.